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Gender Flipped and Downplayed with Steven and Connie

24Noviembre 2013
Mi barrio, mi ciudad

Green Eyes: Sadie Wowcow has these, which probably reference her jealousy of Lilli Bovine. Green Eyed Monster: Sheriff Terrorbull and Sadie Wowcow are both jealous towards Moo Montana and Lilli Bovine respectively for being more popular and well regarded in their fields of work. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Bessy Bluebell, Moo’s old flame is kind as she is beautiful and is blond.

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Replica Goyard Bags Later, when the arc’s all over, and they get home, Bill summons chicken sandwiches for himself and Steven. Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Though both boys, Bill is definitely brooding, and Steven is gentle, helping the triangle through his troubles. Gender Flipped and Downplayed with Steven and Connie, unlike in the show proper. Replica Goyard Bags

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