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26Febrero 2014
Mi barrio, mi ciudad

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File this under “why didn’t we think of that?” The HoodieBuddie is a brand of sweatshirts designed with built-in earbuds designed so that you’ll never lose your friggin’ headphones ever again. Toss your hoodie on hermes replica , and plug your iPhone or iPod right in.MORE: So Cool: Sweatshirt That Acknowledges When Mercury Is In F—ing RetrogradeThe hoodies—which range in price from $52 to $92—come in ten different styles for women, each containing waterproof, machine-washable earbuds with standard headphone jacks in the front pocket. Some of the styles include an HBmic, which is a microphone with audio control, embedded in the drawstring. And still others contain an HBconnect auxiliary-input, which allows you to share music with friends (who are standing nearby).MORE: What We’re Talking About: 1991 Inc’s Amazing Graphic SweatshirtsWe think this is an idea that couldn’t come soon enough. And apparently Betty White agrees. She’s signed on to be one of the brand’s ambassadors/designers , along with the band New Found Glory, and the ice cream brand Cool Haus.Check out Betty talking about what it’s like to be a hoodie mogul below:


Betty White



ice cream



New Found Glory


You Need This: A Hooded Sweatshirt That Comes With Built-In Headphones

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