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Metaphorically, we’ll add a little poetry to the mix of money

20Febrero 2013
Mi barrio, mi ciudad

How does Arianna Huffington redefine success? Well, to our society’s notion of success, “money and power,” she adds a “third metric.” This metric is made up of the following elements: Well being, wisdom, wonder and giving back. “Metric” is a funny term to apply to sometimes ineffable, always intangible qualities like those. A metric is a measurement; but it has a poetic meaning, too poetic meter. Well, it’s unusual, but I’ll take it. Metaphorically, we’ll add a little poetry to the mix of money and power. The point is balance. She describes her third metric as the third leg of a footstool. And it’s true, as she says, that a two legged stool is unstable. A culture resting on power and money is, too. Without the balance of those other qualities, the search for stability through money and power runs unchecked. Conversely, and I know this from experience, if you have some sense of well being, you are less likely to be in a panicky state of grasping after money or power. When you add that poetic quality to life, you can put them in proportion and use them as tools, not as ends in themselves.

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