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There are no taboos regarding this profession on the planet

12Julio 2013
Mi barrio, mi ciudad

In Mikhail Akhmanov and Christopher Nicholas Gilmore’s Captain French, or the Quest for Paradise, the titular character occasionally mentions the Order of Carnal Pleasures on the planet Dolores Rose. There are no taboos regarding this profession on the planet. Besides, they’re much more like Greek hetaeras and High Class Call Girls than street walkers, being schooled in dancing, singing, grace, the art of lovemaking, and table setting. The word “prostitute” is frowned upon on that world. In fact, the Order is unionized, so fair wages are guaranteed. French also tells of a device invented on a communist world that measures a person’s happiness. He purchases the plans for the device and sells it to the Order, who install it on all the beds in their Happy Houses and use it to charge clients based on the level of pleasure they have received (above the minimum rate, of course). The funny part comes from the fact that French is telling this to Archon Geoffrey, a priest on the planet Murphy currently under the control of a religious group. The Archon is, naturally, horrified to learn of French selling this device to a house of sin and refusing to sell it to him.

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