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– SIM is not registered

18Agosto 2013
Mi barrio, mi ciudad

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✏ ရှည်် pigs treated.
✏ Marketing (blood) Advertising – Certificate holds a preferable.. Age through Tun Agency convened the following vacant positions – (do not have to pay any fees)
1) Marketing Assistant (F) 5 post
2) Office Staff (F) 1post
3) Cashier (F) 1post

(1 ) Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township Telecom Company

• * Marketing Assistant – Female (5) post *
• Any graduate
• Salary – Negotiate
• ** (Work experience must have at least one (1) year.
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– SIM is not registered. Must be registered before use. Small town values and lack of big city distractions make the area a wonderful place to raise a family. Living in a small town makes a community tighter. The adults do more activities together, children grow up together forming with life long friendships, and much of the big town mischief doesn’t happen here. Replica Hermes

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