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29Junio 2013
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Shrouded in Myth: Seth. This is apparently helped by the fact he took a famous dead vampires name “to puff his reputation” Smug Straight Edge: Brad’s mother. Spin Off: Strange Someone, which is about Jeff and Connor later on; As We Were, which is about completely different characters in the same universe; and From Scratch, which is about the formation of Alpha Phoenix. Also now “Bisclavret,” which is about werewolves in long ago France. Straight Gay: Connor, once he gets over his over compensating stage. By the time of Strange Someone, he’s in a happy relationship. Supernatural Angst: Brad has a lot of this; he doesn’t consider himself to be human and is pefectly willing to let various “monster” hating characters insult him. It’s only when Pat uses an anti werewolf slur in the presence of his daughter that he speaks up at all. Even then he’s more sad than angry. (Of course, Pat himself is immensely self loathing, so that has to say something.) Supernatural Gold Eyes: Werewolves. Brad wears contacts to hide this when he visits his family. Jeff has to wear them most of the time, in order to go to school. Super Strength: Shapeshifters and vampires, including five year old Rebecca, get this. Unfortunate Implications: In universe example: Seth keeps a blood bond servant, Tommy, whose aging, due to the effects of the blood bond, happens to have been arrested at around age thirteen. Although his true age is later revealed to be somewhere in the vicinity of two millennia, Ally still finds this creepy. I’m old enough to recognize that look.

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